Out for a Ride

I was off the bike for over three weeks following our STP ride. Normally I don't ride the week after that event anyway but this hiatus seemed a bit much.

My wheel damage from STP was irreparable. The hub eyelets had been stretched out and the wheel would never be true again. I ordered a new one from Neuvation but that took a week to get to here. Tony offered up a spare for me to use but we were away the two weekends following STP anyway and I wouldn't have had time to ride. My new job is keeping me busy as well so there's another excuse. I could probably come up with one for every day off the bike if I wanted to.

Sometimes I feel like after STP my season is done anyway. I don't have any other events to train for so feel less of a commitment to riding. Wrong approach. I went out last Wednesday for a post work spin and kinda got my ass handed to me. It was a solo ride but I was shocked at how much my fitness had deteriorated over 3.5 weeks.

Today began the start of the rest of my season. Krista and I rode a paced-down 106km and we both felt great! No pressure to start at a certain time or (in Krista's case) get back in time to hit the books. Nor was there any pressure on myself to see my average speed increase. We just went out for a ride because we wanted to. I have to say the motivation is back! I often feel like I over analyse my training for STP and it's nice to not give a shit every now and then. I still had the computer rolling and my HRM on but I wasn't terribly concerned with the data or how the numbers stacked up against previous rides on that same route.

We took our time at the farmers market in Steveston, enjoyed our scones and coffee and I wouldn't have preferred it any other way. We were just out for a ride!

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