Final Training Recap

I got in two final rides to cap off this year’s STP training. I won’t ride at all this week but rather start my “time shifting.” I get up a bit earlier each morning in preparation for our 5:00am start on Saturday. Today was 6:00am and I’ll advance it by 20min each day so ride day is less of a shock to the system. This seemed to work well last year.

Saturday I did a sprint out to Horseshoe Bay and ripped out my fastest time ever! It has been a goal of mine to crack the 30km/h average speed barrier on that run and I did it with 30.6km/h! Very happy with that effort.

The rest of Saturday was spent cussing out Shimano as I replaced drivetrain components to rectify my lousy shifting. A new cable earlier in the week didn’t really help. It improved the situation but I was still missing shifts often. A new chain was equally ineffective. A new cassette still wasn’t the magic bullet I sought. It turns out the root of my frustration was cable housing. From now on I’ll replace the housing and cables all at once. My tech efforts on Saturday proved worthwhile as Sunday’s ride was flawless. Every gear change was perfect at keeping my cadence steady and strong!

Despite the ride’s perfection, we only did 135km. Mostly to test Krista’s setup  and knee. That seems to be fixed and she’s feeling much more confident about next weekend’s double Century. Far more important than any distance covered.

I don’t think we’re going beat our previous times by much (if at all) this year. We’ve had some pretty disjointed training and the weather has done its best to screw us over as well. I’m not making excuses, rather being a realist. I think we all had lofty aspirations for this year’s ride but will just be happy to finish in daylight. I'm sure we'll all be smiling at the end because, after all, that is why we ride.

A few of my training stats to show I wasn’t completely slacking off:
Road training – 3388km (37 rides)
Trainer spinning – 453 (approximate)
Most distance in one week – 357km
Longest ride – 206km
Number of Centuries – 3
Number of 100+km rides - 13
Training sessions – 67 (some are off-bike workouts)
Total training time – 162:55:45
Calories burned training - 105534


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