Rocket Fuel

My new favourite breakfast is Steel Cut Oats. I like them because of their texture and they’re less processed than rolled oats. They take a bit more time to cook (15 min on the stove) but you don’t really need to babysit them. I chuck a small handful of walnuts, some sliced strawberries and a splash of milk in them and that keeps me going all morning. Don’t forget the coffee!

Just an example of the difference in these oats
My default pre-ride breakfast is a toasted english muffin with natural peanut butter and Nutella or jam. Wasn’t entirely sure I’d be riding today so I skipped that breakfast. Turns out my new favourite breakfast is like rocket fuel for riding. I wasn’t even trying on a spin out to Whytecliff and turned out one of my fastest times. I even told myself at the beginning to just spin – no max effort ride here but man I had legs today!

Now I’m not all that sure how much the breakfast had to do with quality of my ride but I’m sure willing to experiment a bit more with this. We need to tee up a 200+km ride this weekend so I’ll see how this food fairs for endurance.

I've made these scones with the oats as well. Mine didn't look this good.
Perhaps this will give some motivation to ride. I had all the time in the world to ride yesterday and initially had aspirations of a solo Century. When it came down to it I just couldn’t bare the thought of that distance by myself. Too much time for me to be alone on the bike with my thoughts. I’ll keep the big distances for group rides.

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