Ride Packets: check!

No thanks to Canada Post and the government, we have no snail-mail service. We were to have our ride packets sent to us via this service but it wasn’t meant to be.

Krista and I were going to make a little road trip down to Bellingham to visit the REI and Trader Joe’s yesterday. We changed our plans slightly and decided it best to head further south and pick up our group’s (and a couple friend’s) ride packets right from the Cascade offices. We also changed it up and went to the REI flagship instead of the Bellingham store. The more I read about this inconvenient postal strike/lockout the more I’m glad we made the effort. I’m sure we’ll all sleep better not wondering when/if we’ll get our ride packets. The folks at Cascade seemed quite happy we did as well and are refunding us the extra amount paid for mailing. Solid folks they are!

So now our trip is all set. We even scouted a place for dinner the evening before STP and Krista made a reservation. So despite Canada Posts best efforts, we’re better organized than ever for this ride. We just need to log a few more rides and we’re good to go.

Famous last words….

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