The Galileo One Hundred

Krista and I shared a fantastic ride up to Galileo Coffee along the Sea-to-Sky highway today. We both felt really good and it was nice to knock out a 105km before the weekend. There was just enough cloud cover to keep our engines cool. A vest was in order but at least we didn’t need sleeves.

There are a few great things about this ride:
-It’s not terribly long but is a good consistent effort because of the lack of traffic lights. A great training ride!
-The Sea-to-Sky is well paved and there’s a generous shoulder to ride most of the way to Squamish which makes the cars less intimidating. They've cleaned the winter crap off it too.
-Galileo has good coffee.
Outside Galileo
-Last but not least the view is stunning in both directions. It’s easily the most scenic route we ride!

Typical view for the ride!
Now we just need to double that distance on Sunday. Sounds good!
The only sleeves we needed today

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