Breakdown Averted!

Just barely at that. We had planned on a longer ride on Sunday but cut it in half for various reasons. Man did I ever dodge a bullet.

On the return leg of our shortened ride I noticed my rear derailleur shifting was getting balky and inaccurate. I made a couple of on-the-fly barrel adjustments but they only helped temporarily. A couple of sweeps through the cassette and the shifting was askew again. My frustration mounted but with only 10 or so kilometres to go, I figured I would just do a proper adjustment at home.

Later that afternoon I attempted to get my gears back in order but the cable kept stretching out. The afternoon was winding down and I didn’t feel like walking down to Obsession for a new cable – it would have to wait.

Krista picked up the cable for me today and as I went to install it this evening I happened on a startling discovery. My old cable was in complete tatters inside the shifter body! This would explain the stretchy cable. A derailleur cable is 20 or so very fine stainless steel wires braided tightly together. At the contact point inside the shifter body only 3 were holding on for dear life!
Three little piggies got me alllllll the way home!

Had we gone for a longer ride (as planned) I probably would’ve been reduced to a single speed somewhere along Hwy 99. That would’ve made for a very long and arduous ride home.

The lesson learned here is that I probably should change those cables every season. Although the front shifter cable looks fine, I’ll be changing it this week as well. It may just save me a big headache.

One more tip. Whenever you do any work on your bike, always take it for a spin around the block to run through all your gears, check your brakes and listen for any new noises you may have not heard before. It’ll make you next ride less eventful.

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