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Seriously long and sunny ride today but my word was it fantastic!

We drove out to Fort Langley and did a giant loop down to Bellingham, over to Lynden and back up to Fort Langley. It was a modified route based on previous rides in WA. The best feature for us was no 0(zero) Ave! Gets to be a bit of a wind tunnel and we've really grown to dislike it. This on'es definitely a repeat but I'm kinda burnt out from the day to say all the great things about this ride. I'll let the pictures do the talking!
Loading out for a day in the saddle
Drayton Harbour just a bit past the border.
T's smiling but has no right to be. Kudos on a superb effort from him today!!!
Fast 1
Fast 2
Smooth wide shoulders was the surface of the day - mostly!
Break #1 @ 55 kms (Birch Bay State Park)
Same spot, different angle
Big sky and light traffic. Ideal! (yes that's Baker in the background)
Is it time for coffee yet?
A firm grasp on what needs to be done.
Recommended coffee stop in WA. The coffee and staff are always superb!
'Nuff said - let's eat... EVERYTHING!
Fed, packed and ready to roll

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